Ohno Advogados is a law firm founded in 2004, which has since then provided legal services to national and foreign clients.


The firm has qualified and prepared professionals to serve its clients in various areas of law, offering high quality services.


Multinational customers (including several "Fortune 100" companies) from different countries, such as the USA, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and India.

Ohno Advogados is a law firm founded in 2004, which has since then provided legal services to a myriad of national and foreign clients, in different areas of law, combining the experiences and views acquired in law firms, and in full cooperation with the corporate clients legal department, based on a transparent and ethical posture, on a practical and objective vision and on the guarantee of personalized service to the extent required by its demanding clientele, with broad and deep legal knowledge, without losing sight of the speed and agility in this service.


Bilingual legal services for companies, in the most diverse areas of law.

In addition, depending on the project, the firm may hire or be hired, coordinate and work in an integrated manner with other offices located in Brazil and abroad. Such activities allow double quality control by professionals with extensive experience and an adequate flow of information related to the legislation of other places, resulting in a consultancy capable of satisfying the interests of its clients widely.

These characteristics allowed the continuous participation in major projects with national and international repercussions, such as the opening of foreign capital in strategic areas, privatizations, the boom of internet and technology companies, as well as in the implementation, consolidation and expansion of the most varied enterprises, either organically or through spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions.

Even though they are responsible for projects of great complexity and responsibility, the professionals of this office do not neglect the issues that are entrusted to them, which involve the daily lives of their clients, always seeking to provide services that meet their specific needs, regardless of their size or nationality.

CONTRACTS - Contracts in general, including real estate contracts, supply, agency and distribution contracts: leasing; financing of franchising; import and export operations; buying and selling assets; commercial representation.
CORPORATE LAW - Constitution of companies, contractual amendments and preparation of corporate documents in general: spin-offs; mergers; and incorporations of companies; association contracts in general, including joint ventures, in Brazil and abroad; planning and reformulation of internationalization processes for companies, including ACTING subsidiaries and holding companies in Brazil and abroad; due diligence; management buyouts (acquisition of share control by the board itself).

TAX LAW - Consulting on taxes levied on internal and external commercial transactions.  
ANALYSIS, PLANNING AND REGISTRATION OF FOREIGN INVESTMENTS, in currency or assets; debt conversion; capitalization, remittance of profits and dividends, as well as repatriation of capital.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS - Technology transfer agreements, provision of specialized technical services, trademark, patent and copyright licensing, trademark and patent registration processes; consultancy related to the protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade names. Licensing agreements for the use, commercialization and distribution of "software"; development and processing of computer product development projects.
LABOR LAW - Consulting, Compliance and Litigation.
LITIGATION - In all areas mentioned above, at administrative and judicial level.


Francisco T. Ohno

Born in Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil graduated from Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP) in 1984, and worked in law firms in Brazil and Japan.

From 1996 to 2004 he was a managing partner at Ohno Advocacia Empresarial, and Stroeter Royster and Ohno, two law firms located in Sao Paulo. Long experience in international law, foreign capital, corporate contracts and technology transfer.

Languages: Portuguese, English and Japanese.


Inês P. Ohno

At the beginning of her career, worked in the area of intellectual property, both administrative and litigation, including contracts and annotations. Over time, following the flow of demands from the clients, she began to coordinate and develop work in other areas of law such as civil, commercial and labor.

Currently a partner in the law firm, she is responsible for litigation, with solid experience acquired in various matters related to companies.  

Post-graduated in Civil Law and Civil Procedure from Escola Paulista de Direito.


Daniel Takaki

Born in Sao Paulo, graduated in law from the Law School of Universidade Mackenzie, Daniel Takaki has professional experience at Deloitte (formerly Arthur Andersen) in Sao Paulo and Tokyo from 1999 to 2002; PricewaterhouseCoopers in Sao Paulo, and Beijing, from 2005 to 2007 and 2013; as well as in law firms in Brazil.

He gave lectures at the Japan Chamber of Commerce (Sao Paulo, 2011) and at JETRO (Brasília, 2013). He also participated in the IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) course on Principles of International Taxation, Amsterdam in 2008.  

He works in the areas of taxation, corporate due diligence, legal and taxation (including corporate finance & valuation), regulatory affairs, visas and immigration, competition law, and foreign direct investment (registration with the Central Bank, RDE-IED, RDE-ROF, census). 

Languages: Portuguese, English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. 

In addition, the firm has a qualified team, prepared to serve its clients, in various areas of law, including multilingual accessories (Portuguese, English, Japanese), having already worked for multinational clients (including several companies "Fortune 100 "and publicly traded companies) from several countries, such as the USA, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and India.

Some cases in which we represent Fortune 100 companies and the like were:

Establishment of subsidiaries of Japanese companies listed on the Nikkei index.

Planning and implementation of online store for a North American electronics manufacturer company listed on Nasdaq.

Representation in the purchase of property and several other issues related to the expansion of the factory and other subsidiary facilities of one of the largest private English groups.

Participation in bidding and advice in the area of telecommunications for a Hong Kong company listed on ASX.

Litigation with service providers for a subsidiary of the French company.

Approval of international loan and technology transfer contracts for several multinational groups, including Indians.

Brand portfolio management in Brazil and worldwide for a Brazilian company controlled by companies listed on Ibovespa.

M&A transactions for several multinational groups, including for companies listed on the stock exchange in their home countries.